I am currently a Senior Studio Designer at Wieden + Kennedy Portland. My work includes art direction, graphic design and illustration. While at W+K I've worked on Old Spice, EA Games, American Express, Laika Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Oreo, Maxwell House and others.

Previously, I resided in the great city of Omaha, Nebraska where I did a range of apparel and gigposters for a variety of musical artists and licensing companies. 

My dream game of Jeopardy would go as follows.

1. Star Wars
2. Backgammon
3. Sasquatch
4. The Beach Boys
5. Sandwiches
6. Screen Printing

Double Jeopardy
1. The Simpsons
2. David Bowie
3. Saved By the Bell
4. Typography
5. Science Fiction
6. Comic Books

Final Jeopardy

1. Sweet Corn